Your horse is trained and boarded at the Becherhof in Mechernich-Kommern, where I give most of the riding lessons, too. In 2016, the main barn of this historic castle-like estate was completely remodeled and adapted to meet the needs of content and healthy horses. All training horses receive daily turnout on paddocks as well as limited grazing time on demand.

The boarding of training horses includes the following service (boarding price 310€/month):

⦁ Stalls of 3 by 4 meters with straw bedding or shavings (on demand).
⦁ Grass hay 3-4 times daily.
⦁ Grain plus mineral supplement twice daily.
⦁ Any horse at Ferme Leduc is fed on the basis of the Body Condition Score Index by Hennecke, the objective being a score between 4 and 6.
⦁ Daily turnout on paddocks and (on demand) pastures.
⦁ Cleaning stalls and stripping of/adding to the bedding twice daily.
⦁ All horses are hourly checked for health and hoof issues. The owner and, if necessary, the vet and farrier will be informed ASAP.
⦁ Blanket, fly-mask and deworming service.
⦁ vet and farrier service